Our Story

Agostinis began as a bar in Northern Italy.

Agostinis was born in homage to its namesake Marisa, owners Dion and Dan’s mum, who’s love of cooking and celebrating with family filled their childhood kitchen with warmth and laughter. It was not until after Agostinis restaurant in Canberra had been named that she thought to mention that this was not the first Agostinis in the family. Before her family immigrated to Australia when she was 7 they had owned a bar, also called Agostinis, in Northern Italy. One trip back to Italy and a family legacy later, the original bar is now featured on the menus and restaurant mural.

Agostinis is a natural expression of Dion and Dan’s lifelong passion for good, simple Italian food, the kind they grew up with. Agostinis welcomes guests in the Italian tradition of friends, family, laughter and great food. It is more than just a venue; it is an experience, a place for families to sit at big tables with pizza, pasta and vino della casa to share and for friends, colleagues and global visitors to gather and create memories to be cherished.

Agostinis is a true ‘posto accogliente’.

A welcoming place, filled with the soul of Italia. All Italian lovers welcome!

Meet Agostinis’ Executive Chef

It’s easy to love our Executive Chef, Francesco Balestrieri.

Originally from Rome, Italy, Francesco’s career started as an apprentice in a hotel in the heart of Rome in Via del Corso in 2005. From there he moved around Italy, cooking in Bologna and Sardinia and finally opening his own restaurant in Rome in 2009, Trattoria dal Viaggiatore.

Francesco’s passion for authentic Italian food is reflective of his intoxicating personality – vibrant, caring, calm and considered.

Executive Chef Francesco Balestrieri will bring Italy to you by sharing his knowledge of Italian cuisine and showcasing its authentic simplicity in using fresh, quality produce.

Enjoy a taste of Italy in Canberra