Occasioni by Agostinis brings you authentic Italian cuisine for any occasion, whether it be a wedding at a local winery, a party at a special venue or an intimate dinner at your home.

Seamless food and service

Occasioni by Agostinis delivers seamless food and service that you and your guests will talk about for years to come. Our serving style encourages your guests to get involved as one big family—true Italian style!

“The team at Agostinis looked after everything – furniture, linen, crockery…and the setting they created was truly magical. It was perfect – and something we could never have done or imagined on our own.”

Meet Agostinis’ Executive Chef

It’s easy to love our Executive Chef, Francesco Balestrieri.

Originally from Rome, Italy, Francesco’s career started as an apprentice in a hotel in the heart of Rome in Via del Corso in 2005.  From there he moved around Italy, cooking in Bologna and Sardinia and finally opening his own restaurant in Rome in 2009, Trattoria dal Viaggiatore. Francesco’s passion for authentic Italian food is reflective of his intoxicating personality – vibrant, caring, calm and considered. 

Executive Chef Francesco Balestrieri will bring Italy to you by sharing his knowledge of Italian cuisine and showcasing its authentic simplicity in using fresh, quality produce. 

Together, bespoke menus will be created to produce a truly memorable meal that shares your story and captures your favourite food memories.

“The food was honestly incredible and it was so lovely that it was prepared in our kitchen. The service was warm and thoughtful but also incredibly professional. We did not have to do a thing all day….except enjoy the most amazing lunch.”